Around many talks  and topics concerning supporting Black Owned Businesses, where the controversial yet truthful notion of people, well black people claiming they support (like, comment and share) a particular business or brand but remain absent-minded or perhaps non-existent when items need to be purchased, concerts/shows are held and community events taken place. It's quite devastating when there's a lot of talk but no action (I am not exempt from this). Who is going to build us up when we ourselves do not take the initiative to?

"The race who does not build is always controlled by those who do." - webs I resonate with

Now, Let's talk Coconsa! In the month of July, I decided to make the effort to support a black owned business right here, down under. "Coconsa is a luxury bag, clothing and accessories brand that was established in 2011. It embodies all things vibrant and eccentric,with the collections being known for the use of genuine leather, matched with unique African fabrics culminating in a line of classy, beautiful and exclusive bags,clothing and accessories for the fashion savvy/conscious" - Coconsa

In search of a bigger and aesthetically pleasing coin purse since I'm not particularly fond of wallets, not that I don't like them but most of time I'd prefer to hold a coin purse. Upon looking online and in store nothing really caught my eye until I came across Coconsa on Instagram once again. I then decided to look through their coin purse collection and there it is was, the Elmina coin purse. The purse is made with "genuine Nappa leather with Kente wax print design fabric" which is great considering I've always adored African fabric prints with it being vibrant and very eye-catching. I thought the Elmina coin purse was a match! It's not too big and not too small. It works well for me. Oh did I mention,  Coconsa is Australian based... I know... Bonus! 

Old off shoulder Top | Temt culotte pants | Collete Hayman choker | Coconsa Purse

Let's try and make it a priority to support ourselves. 

Support your local, national and international Black Owned Business #SupportBOB
Black owned companies in the Cosmetics industry (here and here)
Black owned business/labels in the Fashion industry (herehere and here)
Black owned businesses in the Natural Hair industry (here)
Lets get talking! What black owned business do you support? 

Photography Leo Razak Harunah
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Happy New Month

Be Encouraged
Be Inspired 

Gillian xx