Look for people, ideas, knowledge, environment and things that you find to be inspiring. I am one to be inspired by any individual's success, their way of life and everything that makes them unique. Inspiration can come in many forms; from the people we meet, things we see, words we hear and read, our surroundings and even within ourselves. In a world full of creatives, I feel inspiration remains a bucket full so I automatically have the tendency to be inspired by someone's success rather than looking for reasons to invalidate their success or demeaning my worth due to someone's accomplishment.

Look for people...
Those who are willing to climb with you over the hill
Those who are constantly creating, working, making, moulding to broadening their understanding in order to expand their creative outlets  
Those who have vision with ambition to pursue their mission starting with their silhouette
Those who don't sleep on the job like the builder, BobThose who exude positivity not just in visibility
Those who will say yes or no irrespective of how you may feel standing only on truth
Those who will love, build, support, encourage, direct, grow and flourish together 

Look for ideas...
That will start necessary conversation that can evolve into a grand masterpiece
That will spark an interest and drive you to work hard and practice until you get there
That will make you dream purposefully and accomplish beyond your dreams
That will prompt a change in direction and evolve your thinking
That will challenge your skills and ability in order for you to move with intention
That will allow you to design, innovate, share and impact

Look for knowledge...
That you would acknowledge and say that you didn't learn from college
That you've gained through the ups and downs of your experience
That you attain not only to keep but to tell someone just to make a difference
That is said, given or seen which may lead you gracefully
That you put into practice to create value
That empowers you to do the things beyond the bounds of possibility, causing you not to doubt like Matthew
That keeps you learning, yearning and earning 

Look for environment... 
That can be modelled to be your experiment
That causes your imagination to glint and blossom originality
That prompt an adventure for you to explore and later not just become vanity
That would intrigue your mind and refresh your soul with its breeze
That would stir up fire in your heart for you to tread on heels for your passion
That remains tranquil that one day you will hear "Lights, camera, action!"

Look for things... 
That can be moulded into something
That might seem like a blur but if you sit and see, it will all become clear
That may lead you strolling upon your wanderlust
That would inspire you to learn, grow and become rather than being blown away like dust
That would stimulate, encourage and incite inspiration
Look for you

Be Encouraged
Be Inspired 

Gillian xx